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Duties of Bridesmaids


An elated bride to be calls and informs you that she wants you to be in her lineup as a bridesmaid. 

Your reaction?

"Awww. I am so touched!” 

Then you realize you that apart from looking good at the wedding, you have no idea what your main responsibilities are. 

While in modern times a bridesmaid is expected to assist with anything the bride requests or needs, apparently her duties were of a more serious, if not at least supernatural, nature in earlier days. A custom once existed where maidens dressed similarly to the bride would accompany her as her protectors on her way to the groom\s village. This would deflect spurned suitors from kidnapping the bride or from stealing her dowry.

Roman law once required witnesses to come to weddings in order to confuse evil spirits as to the identity of the bride and groom. This meant that female wedding attendants came to a marriage ceremony in garments akin to the bride\s, while male wedding attendants - the forebears of ushers - wore attire that resembled the groom\s own clothing. This supposedly threw off bad luck that could be directed towards an easily identifiable bride and groom.

In modern times, the duties for bridesmaids vary from bride to bride.  Some of the key responsibilities are:-

  • Volunteer to help the bride with wedding tasks.  These tasks include shopping, getting service providers, sending out invitations etc
  • Help search for what you will be wearing on the wedding day: bridesmaids\ jewelry, dresses, shoes, hairstyles for bridesmaids, etc. Buy your own bridesmaid dress and shoes.
  • Assist the best maid in planning the bridal shower help pay for it.
  • Attend key wedding related events and be there on time e.g. bridal shower and wedding rehearsal. Also try to make it out for all wedding dress and bridesmaid dress shopping trips and fittings.
  • Break in your bridesmaid shoes before the wedding day.
  • Walk in the processional and recessional.
  • Help the bride get dressed and prepare on the wedding day.
  • Help carry the train of the bride\s wedding gown and keep track of her bouquet.
  • No complaining - If you are going along with the bride to shop for the wedding dress, don’t be that maid that says that you don\t like the dress that she is madly in love with. It isn\t your wedding; you don\t get to choose the dress.



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