Preventing Dry Lips

The skin on your lips is pretty unique in and of itself.

Most of the skin on your face has around 16 opaque layers of cells, both dead and alive. Your lips, on the other hand, have just three layers of skin and are actually translucent. The lips get their characteristic reddish color from the subsurface layer. The capillaries packed into the mucous membrane layer of your lips push close to the skin on the surface of your lips, revealing the blood. Push your lips tight together in a mirror and then release the pressure. They go from a light skin color back to red again as the blood returns to the capillaries.

Don’t lick.

Licking may moisturize lips for a moment . As the saliva evaporates, it dehydrates the lips further, leaving the lips drier.

Drink Plenty of Water

Dehydration often plays a big role in dry lips. Ensuring that you drink enough water on a daily basis can help keep your lips from getting dry in the first place. As our bodies dehydrate, cells of all varieties — including skin cells like those that compose the lips — dry out. Replenishing your body with water rehydrates those cells and maintaining a steady intake of water can prevent your lips from drying out in the first place.

Use Good Lip Balm

Your lips need a shield to stay in shape. A balm provides a buffer between your delicate skin and the weather.

Our next post will be on choosing a good lip balm. 

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