skincare during cold seasons

Skin Care during Cold Seasons


When it’s cold, there is low humidity in the air, making water escape from your skin.

The outer layer dries out in order to protect moisture from escaping from the lower layers.  This leads to the damaging of the outer layer.


Using moisturizers especially body butters is very effective as its thick formulation absorbs into the skin bringing back the thick layer of the skin to do its job. Apply moisturizer as soon as you get out of the shower. Pat skin dry, and apply while it is still damp to make sure that it really soaks into the skin.

Lotions and hand creams are also recommended for the hands and use a good lip balm for your lips


Take enough fluids. When it’s cold we may tend t neglect water intake and gravitate towards caffeinated drinks filled with sugar. This will deprive our bodies and skin of the much needed moisture. If you can’t take cold water, take hot / warm water.  You can add lemon to improve the taste


Dead skin cells make your skin look dull and tired. Scrub your skin regularly to removes the dead cells and promote growth of new cells. The will lead to a youthful glowing skin

Use Sunscreen

Yes. The harmful sun rays are still present even when the sun is not shining. Look for a broad spectrum sunscreen (one that offers both UVA (long wavelength) and UVB (short wavelength) protection) with an SPF of at least 15.

For the face ,find  face-specific product and apply before your day cream (let dry first) and then follow with the remaining steps of your beauty routine

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