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Using Lemon as a Deodorant


Enter The Lemon

You can use lemon as deodorant.

Lemon is acidic. That\s where its powers in how to use lemon as a deodorant lay.

How to

  • Cut a lemon in half. When you get out of the shower, make sure you dry off completely.
  • Gently rub the lemon into your armpits.  

Using lemon as deodorant isn\t just a quick fix. It\s more of a way to "condition" your underarms to stop smelling bad.

How it works

When you use lemon as deodorant, you are saturating your underarm Apocrine Glands with the acidic juices. Your Apocrine glands are the ones responsible for creating the foul odor. Apocrine glands release secretions from inside the body. Bacteria is naturally attracted to these secretions before they leave your body.

When the bacteria release toxins and waste into these secretions, it gives the secretions a foul odor.

By using lemons as deodorant, the citric acid neutralizes the bacteria in the secretions .


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