Dress to impress: Your most important accessory

Think of that first date. You spent two weeks thinking about what to wear and then four hours dressing up and Just before you leave you to remember to splash on some perfume without paying much attention to it. You meet up and after that gentle hug he remarks “you smell great”… I bet you wore that same perfume on every consequent date and the hugs seemed to last just a tad bit longer than the last time.

You are planning for your great day. You will be the star and all the focus will be on you. You have everything ready: the dress, bridesmaid, groomsmen, colours, theme, reception, music, and venue. What about that one thing that no one sees?

But to me, the most important accessory to own is a fragrance. Anyone who knows me at Ralph Lauren knows when I’ve walked in or out of a room. Your fragrance is invisible and mysterious, yet very powerful – Chris Collins

The sense of smell triggers a memory. That’s the effect a great fragrance can have on individuals. According to Ms Jordan Gaines Lewis, a PhD. Candidate in neuroscience at Penn State College of Medicine, “The reason why the sense of smell triggers so much emotion is simply because of Brain anatomy”. She states, “The olfactory bulb,  where the sense of smell is processed, has a direct connection to two areas of the brain that are strongly implicated in emotion and memory the amygdala (processes emotion) and hippocampus (associated with associative learning); interestingly, visual, auditory(sound) and tactile (touch) information do not pass through these brain areas. Simply put, your sense of smell has more of a direct link to how you feel than any other of your senses.

So now you know why that smell of chapati always takes you back to your childhood. Knowing this isn’t it amazing just how many of us are unaware of the importance of perfume. It is usually treated as an afterthought somewhere between checking yourself in the mirror just before you leave and wearing your shoes.

However, how you smell can affect your mood and even your work performance so before you put on that perfume that you got last Christmas think about these simple tips that will ensure that you leave a trail of lasting impressions by leaving a pleasant scent memory

1. PICK A SCENT THAT YOU LOVE. Do not rely on who endorsed it or the description on the package to select a perfume. They may deceive you into thinking that a scent is not for you when in reality it could be that diamond in the rough you have been looking for. The best way to select a perfume is to try it on.

2. TRY 3 SCENTS AT A TIME. If you are not sure what you like don’t go trying everything, “limit the trying to 3 scents at a time,” suggests Erika Shumate and Christine Luby, the Stanford MBA
founders of fragrance start-up PENROSE. This will ensure you give each scent a fair shot at being your “fave”

3. START WITH THE LIGHTER SCENTS. Musky scents are some of the lighter scents and then work your way up to citrus, fruity, floral and then the heavy woods. Not necessarily in that order but if it smells heavy try it last.

4. TRY THE SCENT FOR ATLEAST A DAY. Apply scents in areas that are least washed during the day such as wrists, elbow crooks, behind the ears and chest areas. This ensures that the scent gets
enough time to work with your body chemistry, the scent could start out great but you need more than a few hours to figure out if a scent is perfect for you.

5. RE-BOUND WITH SCENTS. Fragrances tend to have three signature notes top note which usually lasts for the first twenty minutes or so; the middle or heart note and finally the base note which last longer for about four hours. If you like a scent but aren’t sure, do not be afraid to try it out again.

6. WHEN OVERWHELMED SMELL THYSELF. When trying out scents it is easy to get overwhelmed if you do, smell your unfragranced armpits. It may sound really gross but the smell of your own
scent and body PH will neutralize any foreign fragrances.

7. UNDERSTAND THE PRICING. Fragrances that are cheaper tend to have a very strong top note which means they smell great for just a few minutes and then you have to reapply. However, the more expensive ones have base notes and heart notes that that last longer. Finally, every person is unique so the scent you choose should best reflect who you are. Take time to choose the correct one for you and ensure you give your perfume her time and proper application. This way you will always smell great and leave an unforgettable yet mysterious aura about you.

I think fragrance might be more important than clothes. Because, like music or food, scent is a very direct sensory stimulant. It provokes the senses, it brings up emotion and memory and feeling.  – Tom Ford

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