Preparing for your bridal makeup trial

The trial session not only allows you to meet the makeup artist but also address and prepare for any beauty or skin issues you may be dealing with prior to the wedding. It is important for you to let your makeup artist know of any allergies to ingredients or products you may have

Why a makeup trial?

This is the time to choose the exact look you want for your wedding day. 

Once you see the look on yourself, you may change your mind.  You may communicate what you “see” and picture in your mind and the makeup artist may hear the description and interpret it differently, which is why it is best to always come to your trials with photos of makeup you like.

The trial allows the makeup artist to not only meet you, but also address and prepare for any beauty or skin issues you may be dealing with prior to the wedding. 

When to have the makeup trial?

I recommend bridal makeup trials to  be done at least 6-8 weeks to  the wedding.

Try doing your trial on a day when you have something special going on, such as a date with your soon-to-be hubby, party etc.  That way, you are able to get feedback on the look you received during the trial.

What should I expect from the makeup artist during the trial?

A bridal trial makeup run for your wedding day is intense, and can run from 1-2 hours, as it may include going over several (2 -3) different looks until you are satisfied.

A consultation will occur where you will discuss your style and details about your wedding and the look you envision. Then the makeup artist will proceed to do a full makeup application. Once you are satisfied with the look, photos and notes of the product, colors, and style you chose will be taken.

Preparation for the trial and consultation

Before your trial, take the time to research photos of the look you are considering.

Search for photos that have same skin color, hair color, etc. Communicate not only things you like, but also the things that you definitely don’t like when it comes to makeup. Be as specific as possible with your descriptions. Don’t be afraid the let the makeup artist know that there is something you do not like. Make sure to let them know about any beauty issues you have. For example, excessively oily skin, allergies, etc. 

Preparing your skin for the bridal makeup

Never underestimate the importance of skin care preparation to ensure a clean, fresh, natural looking makeup canvas. Thorough skin preparation will ensure your foundation (the makeup base) glides on smoothly for what should result in a flawless coverage.

Your wedding makeup only looks as good as your underlying skin. Even if you have a perfect complexion, the few days before your wedding are not a good time for a facial. Even good complexions may flare up under the pressures of wedding planning.

Deep facial massage and manipulation can cause redness and bumps that may not go away in time for your wedding day. Plan several facials, beginning at least 6 weeks before your wedding and up to 5 days before the special day. This kind of scheduling will allow your skin a chance to recover and minimize stress-related eruptions.

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