Armani Black Code for Men 125 ml by Giorgio Armani


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Grown man scent. This is a suit and tie fragrance. This says confidence and class.
In some ways it’s a clean and soapy interpretation of a spicy scent with a touch of citrus and leather. There is such an aura of confidence and elegance surrounding this fragrance, making it rather formal in a way, like something you’d perhaps wear with a traditional tux. The olive blossom is a wonderfully unique additive to the composition, bringing with it an interesting saltiness which is quite alluring on the skin. There is a powdery like aspect to this fragrance that tends to develop more towards the drydown. Do not fear, it’s a masculine powderiness, nothing like sweet, flowery baby powder or anything like that. Refined and somewhat formal, yet easily transferred into day-wear, Armani Code is probably one of the nicest Giorgio Armani scents I’ve tried. It’s successful in being simplistic and not too over-the-top or too edgy.




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