Davidoff Cool Water Perfume 125ml

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Davidoff Cool Water Perfume is a refreshing and iconic fragrance for women that captures the essence of the ocean and evokes feelings of freshness and vitality. This 125ml bottle is the perfect size for everyday use, allowing you to indulge in the invigorating scent throughout the day.

The perfume opens with top notes of citrus, pineapple, and melon, which are balanced with heart notes of lily of the valley, jasmine, and other floral scents. The base notes of musk and sandalwood give the fragrance a warm and sensual finish.

This long-lasting perfume is suitable for any occasion, whether it’s a day at the office or a night out. Its clean and crisp scent is perfect for those who love a fresh and natural fragrance. The sleek and elegant bottle design makes it a great addition to any fragrance collection or as a gift for someone special.

Davidoff Cool Water Perfume 125ml is a timeless and classic scent that will leave you feeling refreshed and confident all day long. Its combination of oceanic and floral notes creates a unique and captivating aroma that is loved by many. Experience the essence of the ocean with this iconic perfume.

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Davidoff Cool Water Perfume 125ml is a popular fragrance for both men and women. It is a refreshing and invigorating scent that captures the essence of the ocean. The perfume is contained in a sleek and elegant 125ml bottle, making it perfect for everyday use or special occasions. The top notes of the perfume include mint and green nuances, while the heart notes are composed of lavender, coriander, and rosemary. The base notes consist of musk, sandalwood, and amber, creating a long-lasting and alluring scent. This perfume is perfect for those who love a fresh and crisp fragrance that exudes confidence and sophistication.

Key Features

  1. Iconic Fragrance: Davidoff Cool Water is a classic fragrance that has been popular since its launch in 1988.

  2. Fresh Aquatic Scent: The perfume features a refreshing and invigorating aquatic scent, reminiscent of the ocean.

  3. Long-Lasting: The perfume has a long-lasting scent, making it perfect for all-day wear.

  4. Versatile: The fragrance is suitable for both men and women, making it a versatile choice for any occasion.

  5. Cool and Refreshing: The combination of mint, lavender, and rosemary in the top notes gives the perfume a cool and refreshing quality.

  6. Woody Notes: The addition of woody notes like sandalwood and cedarwood in the base adds depth and warmth to the fragrance.

  7. Signature Bottle Design: The perfume comes in a sleek and elegant bottle with a blue gradient design, representing the freshness of the ocean.

  8. All-Season Fragrance: The fresh and clean scent of Davidoff Cool Water makes it a perfect fragrance for all seasons.

  9. Great for Daily Wear: The light and invigorating scent of the perfume make it suitable for daily wear, whether for work or play.

  10. Good Value for Money: The 125ml bottle size offers a good value for money, as it will last for a long time.


  1. Fresh and aquatic scent: Cool Water has a signature aquatic fragrance with a refreshing and invigorating scent.

  2. Long-lasting: The perfume is long-lasting, providing a lingering scent throughout the day.

  3. Masculine and bold: Cool Water is a bold and masculine fragrance, perfect for the confident and adventurous man.

  4. Notes of sea water, lavender, and mint: The top notes of the perfume include sea water, lavender, and mint, giving it a fresh and crisp scent.

  5. Earthy and woody undertones: The base notes of musk, sandalwood, and cedarwood give the perfume a warm and earthy undertone.

  6. Versatile: Cool Water is a versatile fragrance that can be worn for both casual and formal occasions.

  7. Suitable for all seasons: The fresh and crisp scent of Cool Water makes it suitable for all seasons, making it a great choice for year-round wear.

  8. Iconic bottle design: The perfume comes in a sleek and iconic bottle design, reflecting the freshness and masculinity of the scent.

  9. Classic and timeless: Davidoff Cool Water has been a classic and timeless fragrance since its launch in 1988, making it a staple in many men’s fragrance collections.

  10. Compliments the wearer’s natural scent: The scent of Cool Water blends seamlessly with the wearer’s natural body scent, creating a unique and personalized fragrance experience.




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