Guerlain Shalimar Eau de Toilette Spray 90ml

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  • Guerlain Shalimar Eau de Toilette Spray is a luxurious fragrance created by the French perfume house Guerlain.
  • It comes in a 90ml bottle, perfect for everyday use and special occasions.
  • The scent is inspired by the exotic and sensual gardens of Shalimar in India, with notes of bergamot, jasmine, and vanilla.
  • It has a long-lasting and intense fragrance, making it perfect for those who love a strong and unique scent.
  • The bottle design is elegant and timeless, featuring a deep blue color and gold accents.
  • This fragrance is suitable for both men and women, making it a versatile option for any perfume collection.
  • It is a classic and iconic scent that has been loved by many since its launch in 1925.
  • Guerlain Shalimar Eau de Toilette is a perfect choice for those who want to exude sophistication and elegance.
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Guerlain Shalimar Eau de Toilette Spray is a classic and luxurious fragrance that embodies the essence of oriental sensuality. It is a blend of rich, warm notes including bergamot, iris, jasmine, rose, and vanilla, creating a complex and alluring scent that is both timeless and modern. The 90ml spray bottle allows for easy application and long-lasting wear, making it the perfect addition to any perfume collection. This iconic fragrance has been a favorite among women for decades and continues to be a beloved choice for those who appreciate a sophisticated and seductive scent.

Key Features

  1. Iconic Fragrance: Guerlain Shalimar is a legendary fragrance that has been popular since its creation in 1925.

  2. Oriental Floral Scent: The perfume features a blend of oriental and floral notes, including bergamot, iris, jasmine, and vanilla.

  3. Long-Lasting: Shalimar Eau de Toilette has a long-lasting scent that stays on the skin for hours.

  4. Elegant Bottle: The fragrance is presented in a beautiful bottle with a golden stopper and a fan-shaped label, reflecting its exotic origins.

  5. Versatile: The perfume is suitable for both day and evening wear, making it a versatile choice for all occasions.

  6. Complex and Sophisticated: Shalimar is a complex and sophisticated scent that evolves on the skin, revealing different notes throughout the day.

  7. Timeless Appeal: Shalimar has stood the test of time and remains a popular choice among perfume enthusiasts worldwide.

  8. Signature Fragrance: This fragrance has become a signature scent for many, with its unique and unforgettable aroma.

  9. Luxurious Ingredients: Guerlain uses only the finest and most luxurious ingredients in their perfumes, ensuring a high-quality fragrance experience.

  10. Unisex Fragrance: Shalimar is a unisex fragrance, making it a perfect gift for anyone who appreciates a classic and elegant scent.


  1. Iconic Fragrance: Guerlain Shalimar Eau de Toilette Spray is a classic and iconic fragrance that has stood the test of time since its creation in 1925. It is one of the most famous and beloved perfumes in the world.

  2. Oriental Floral Scent: Shalimar is a rich and complex blend of oriental and floral notes. It has a warm and sensual base of vanilla and amber, balanced with floral notes of iris, jasmine, and rose.

  3. Long-lasting: The Eau de Toilette formulation of Shalimar is long-lasting and has a good sillage, meaning it leaves a beautiful scent trail behind the wearer.

  4. Luxurious Bottle Design: The bottle of Shalimar is inspired by the famous Shalimar Gardens in India and exudes luxury and elegance. It is adorned with a fan-shaped stopper and a sapphire blue tassel.

  5. Timeless Appeal: Shalimar has a timeless appeal and is loved by women of all ages. It is a versatile fragrance that can be worn for any occasion, from a casual day out to a formal event.

  6. Versatile: Shalimar Eau de Toilette is a versatile fragrance that can be worn year-round. Its warm and sensual notes make it perfect for colder months, while its floral notes make it suitable for spring and summer.

  7. High-Quality Ingredients: Guerlain is known for its use of high-quality ingredients, and Shalimar is no exception. The fragrance is made with the finest raw materials, giving it a luxurious and high-end feel.

  8. Timeless Bottle Design: The bottle design of Shalimar has remained virtually unchanged since its creation in 1925, adding to its timeless appeal and making it a collector’s item for perfume lovers.

  9. Suitable for All Skin Types: Shalimar is suitable for all skin types and does not cause any irritation or sensitivities.

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