Revlon Ultimate All-in-One Waterproof Mascara Black

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ened Brown

Revlon Ultimate All-in-One Waterproof Mascara in Blackened Brown is a multi-purpose mascara that promises to deliver five benefits in one product. This mascara is designed to provide volume, length, definition, lift, and intense color to your lashes.

The formula of this mascara is waterproof, making it suitable for those who want their mascara to last all day without smudging or flaking. The blackened brown shade is a deep, rich color that gives a softer and more natural look compared to traditional black mascaras.

The mascara wand is designed with a unique oval shape, which is said to be able to reach every lash and coat them evenly. The bristles are also designed to capture even the tiniest lashes, giving a fuller and more dramatic effect.

This mascara is suitable for all lash types and is ophthalmologist-tested, making it safe for those with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. It is also easy to remove with a waterproof makeup remover.

Overall, Revlon Ultimate All-in-One Waterproof Mascara in Blackened Brown is a versatile and long-lasting mascara that promises to give your lashes a dramatic and natural look. With its unique wand and waterproof formula, it is a great choice for anyone looking for a multi-benefit mascara.

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Revlon Ultimate All-in-One Waterproof Mascara Black is a mascara that provides ultimate volume, length, definition, and intense color in one formula. Its unique brush design and formula allow for easy application and customizable looks. The waterproof formula ensures long-lasting wear without smudging or flaking. This mascara is suitable for all lash types and is available in a jet black shade.

Key Features

  1. Waterproof formula: The mascara is designed to withstand water and moisture, making it suitable for all-day wear and rainy or humid environments.

  2. Intense black color: The mascara provides a deep, rich black color for a dramatic and bold look.

  3. Unique brush design: The mascara features a unique, small brush with a hollow core that coats each lash from root to tip for maximum volume and length.

  4. Multi-benefit formula: This mascara not only adds volume and length to lashes, but also provides definition, curl, and separation for a full and fluttery effect.

  5. Easy to apply: The small brush and lightweight formula make it easy to apply the mascara evenly and precisely without clumping or smudging.

  6. Long-lasting: The waterproof formula ensures that the mascara stays in place without flaking or smudging throughout the day.

  7. Suitable for sensitive eyes: The formula is ophthalmologist-tested and safe for contact lens wearers and those with sensitive eyes.

  8. Buildable coverage: The mascara is buildable, allowing you to add multiple layers for a more dramatic look.

  9. All-in-one product: This mascara eliminates the need for multiple products as it provides multiple benefits in one, including length, volume, definition, and curl.

  10. Affordable: The Revlon Ultimate All-in-One Waterproof Mascara is a budget-friendly option compared to other high-end waterproof mascaras on the market.



1. Waterproof: The most prominent feature of this mascara is that it is waterproof, making it perfect for long-lasting wear and resisting smudging or flaking.

2. All-in-One Formula: This mascara is designed to provide multiple benefits in one product. It volumizes, lengthens, defines, and lifts your lashes for a dramatic look.

3. Intense Black Color: The black shade of this mascara is deep and rich, giving your lashes a bold and dramatic look.

4. Mini Brush: The mascara comes with a mini brush that is designed to reach even the tiniest lashes and coat them evenly for a fuller look.

5. Unique Brush Design: The brush has a unique design with short and long bristles that help to separate and coat each lash for maximum impact.

6. Clump-free: The formula of this mascara is designed to be clump-free, giving you perfectly defined and separated lashes.

7. Smudge-proof: This mascara is resistant to smudging, making it perfect for all-day wear without the worry of raccoon eyes.

8. Flake-free: The formula is also designed to be flake-free, ensuring that you have no flakes falling on your cheeks throughout the day.

9. Easy to Remove: Despite its waterproof formula, this mascara is easy to remove with makeup remover or micellar water.

10. Suitable for Sensitive Eyes: The formula is ophthalmologist-tested and suitable for those with sensitive eyes or contact lens wearers.




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