Terre D’Hermes Intense Vetiver Perfume 50ml

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  • Terre D’Hermes Intense Vetiver Perfume is a 50ml fragrance for men.
  • The scent is a combination of woody, spicy, and citrus notes.
  • It features a top note of bergamot, middle notes of vetiver and Sichuan pepper, and a base note of amber and patchouli.
  • The intensity of the vetiver note gives the fragrance a deep and earthy quality.
  • The perfume comes in a sleek and elegant 50ml bottle.
  • It is long-lasting and can be worn for any occasion.
  • The scent is masculine and sophisticated, making it a great choice for professional settings.
  • It is a versatile scent that can be worn year-round.
  • The fragrance is part of the Terre D’Hermes collection, known for its high-quality and luxurious scents.
  • Terre D’Hermes Intense Vetiver Perfume makes a great gift for any man who appreciates a refined and unique scent.
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Terre D’Hermes Intense Vetiver Perfume 50ml is a luxurious and long-lasting fragrance for men. It features a powerful and rich blend of vetiver, Sichuan pepper, and bergamot notes, creating a woody and spicy scent. This intense version of the original Terre D’Hermes perfume is designed for the confident and sophisticated man who wants to make a statement. The 50ml size makes it perfect for everyday use or for travel. It comes in a stylish and elegant bottle, embodying the brand’s signature minimalistic and modern design.

Key Features


1. Rich and intense scent: As the name suggests, Terre D’Hermes Intense Vetiver is a powerful and bold fragrance that exudes richness and intensity.

2. Dominant vetiver note: The main note in this perfume is vetiver, a grassy and earthy scent that is known for its depth and complexity.

3. Woody and spicy undertones: Along with vetiver, this perfume also features woody and spicy notes, adding warmth and depth to the overall scent.

4. Long-lasting: This perfume is designed to last for hours, so you can enjoy its captivating scent all day long.

5. Suitable for both day and night: The versatile scent of Terre D’Hermes Intense Vetiver makes it suitable for both daytime and nighttime wear.

6. Elegant and sophisticated: The combination of vetiver, woods, and spices creates an elegant and sophisticated aroma that is perfect for special occasions.

7. Signature Hermes bottle: The perfume comes in the iconic Hermes bottle, featuring a sleek and minimalist design that adds to its overall appeal.

8. Great for gifting: With its luxurious scent and attractive packaging, Terre D’Hermes Intense Vetiver makes for a great gift for any fragrance lover.

9. Available in a 50ml size: The 50ml size makes this perfume a convenient and travel-friendly option, allowing you to take your favorite scent with you wherever you go.

10. Suitable for all genders: This perfume is designed to be unisex, making it a versatile option for anyone to wear and enjoy.


1. Woody and earthy scent: Terre D’Hermes Intense Vetiver is a woody and earthy fragrance that has a strong and masculine aroma.

2. Dominant vetiver note: The perfume is centered around the vetiver note, which is a type of grass with a deep, smoky, and slightly bitter scent.

3. Long-lasting: The intense concentration of the perfume ensures that it lasts for a long time, even with just a few sprays.

4. Versatile: This fragrance can be worn in any season and for any occasion, making it a versatile choice for any man.

5. Intense and bold: The name “Intense Vetiver” perfectly describes the bold and intense character of this perfume. It is a strong and powerful scent that makes a statement.

6. Warm and inviting: Despite its intensity, Terre D’Hermes Intense Vetiver has a warm and inviting quality, making it perfect for everyday wear.

7. Complex and layered: This fragrance has a complex composition with multiple layers of scents, making it a sophisticated and intriguing choice.

8. Masculine and elegant: The overall character of this perfume is masculine and elegant, making it a perfect choice for a confident and sophisticated man.

9. High-quality ingredients: Terre D’Hermes Intense Vetiver is made with high-quality ingredients, ensuring a rich and luxurious scent.

10. Unique bottle design: The 50ml bottle of Terre D’Hermes Intense Vetiver is designed in the signature Hermes style, with a sleek and modern look.




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