Scents of Seduction

This system, known as the “old brain” oversees instinctive responses like emotional, sexual and aggressive behaviors. And some scents – like jasmine, vanilla and ylang ylang – may stimulate the release of neurochemicals that trigger sexual response.

In addition, our personal preference of seductive scents may be influenced by pheromones, barely visible scent molecules that travel through perspiration. Pheromones, from the Greek pherein “to carry” and hormon “to excite” – play a powerful role in socio-sexual communication. There’s a logical explanation for scent’s powerful effect on romantic feelings. The olfactory lobe of the brain is part of the limbic system, the same area that produces sexual desires.

When buying a perfume  this Valentine’s, consider a fragrance that contains one of the following notes


Theres nothing like spicy, exotic-smelling ginger to make you feel sexy. Try a fragrance with ginger if youre feeling low energy and need a bit of warmth to spice up your mood.

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As an essential oil, its luxurious and sweet with intense floral notes. It has soothing properties that can help you relax after a long, stressful day. Rose can also make you feel both frisky and feminine.

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This ingredient is fresh with a hint of spice and can be used to help relax either you or your partner after a long or particularly stressful day. Lavender can help ease anxiety and make room for romance.

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Ylang Ylang

The exotic aspect of Ylang Ylang makes it a sexy choice and one that offers a good balance between feminine and masculine scents. This is a good option for when youre already feeling playful and full of energy and want something to give you even more allure.

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Sandalwood is a relaxing, sensual scent with sweet, woody notes.  

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Vanilla is a plant that can be eaten, drunk, and smelled as an aphrodisiac.

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Jasmine has a rich floral scent. Theres no better way to warm it up than with a sexy, tropical fragrance. This one has the power to make you feel particularly enchanting.

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