steaming your face at home

Steaming your face at home

While this process describes how you can do facial steaming at home, it is advised to visit a salon at least once a month for intensive facial treatment. This is because there are professionals with access to skin care equipment that can analyze the skin

Benefits of facial steaming

–          Helps skin get the desired nutrients

–          Treats and prevents skin from skin disorders

–          Deep cleanses the pores

–          Improves skin tone

–          Naturally purifies the skin

–          Helps in muscle toning and skin firming

–          Ensures a smooth and shiny skin texture

–          Soften the skin surface and helps free any dead cells, dirt, bacteria or other trapped matter that could cause breakouts or uneven complexion

–          Detoxifies the skin

–          Increases perspiration and stimulates blood circulation giving your face a warm healthy glow


–          A medium sized bowl

–          2 towels

–          A table

–          Cotton balls

–          Water

–          Moisturizer

–          Toner


Take care not to get too close to the hot steam as this could scald your skin, leaving behind a scar. Too much heat can lead to broken capillaries under the skin.

–          Heat the water to about 43 degrees Celsius and put pour it into the bowl

–          Wash your face so that the pores are free to release any impurities without build up dirt or makeup blocking the way

–          Tie your hair back

–          Use the towel as a tent for both your head and the bowl

–          Lean your face over the steam for about five to seven minutes

–          Pat dry with the cotton balls

–          Tone the skin

–          Apply moisturizer upwards to avoid surging of the skin

Optional: add herbs to the water.  E.g adds eucalyptus and lemon grass for oily skin.  For dry skin add lavender.  For normal skin you can add ylang ylang and sandlewood

NB: This should be done at most once a week for oily skin and combined skin, once a month for dry skin, Every 2 weeks for normal skin every.

It is not recommended for extremely sensitive skin or for anyone suffering from severe inflammation, infection or sunburn

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